Vessel No. 21 of 21

Vessel No. 21 of 21


Scent: Catharine Ray

Notes: Rose, Lavender, & Bergamot

This holiday season, 36 Craven will launch a limited-edition collection of candles inspired by three mistresses of Benjamin Franklin: Catharine Ray, Wilhelmina Golowkin, and Polly Hewson. 

To house each scent, ceramic artist William Sulit created one-of-a-kind vessels which are as modern as the women Franklin loved. Sulit’s unique oxidation technique ages the vessels to provide a sense of history. Each vessel is unique in shape and part of a limited 21-piece collection which is numbered and signed. The soy candles are hand-poured in Philadelphia, PA. 

Catharine Ray, a young Bostonian, was Franklin’s first big affair. Her scent, CR, is rooted in new love, featuring deep undertones of rose and lavender with a touch of bergamot. 

Polly Hewson, the 18-year-old daughter of Franklin’s London landlord, was dedicated to Franklin for his entire life. Her scent, PH, provides comfort and clarity though a blend of cedar and jasmine. 

And Countess Wilhelmina Golowkin represents an international love affair. Her scent, WG, combines the warmth of amber with the excitement of all-spice.

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