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      XUDUAN covers an area of 25000 square meters;With assets of 400million Yuan, it is awarded with Grade AAA credit enterprise and Jiangsu Province Quality Reliable Enterprise for successive years;In 2001, it attained the ISO9001 quality system certification. In 2005, it attained the environmental assurance system and the occupational health and safety management system certification; In 2006, it was recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise; in 2007, it was identified as the first batch of innovative pilot enterprises in Jiangsu Province; In 2010, it was identified as a key high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Program; In 2010, our company and Huazhong University of Science and Technology jointly established the Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Academician Workstation; We set up a post-doctoral scientific research station in Jiangsu Province in 2010, and we have a CNC high-speed press working group of the National Forging Machinery Standardization Technical Committee.(SAC/TC220/WG1);In 2012, it established a joint venture workstation for Jiangsu enterprises with China University of Mining and Technology; In 2013, a national post-doctoral research station was established. In 2013, it was identified as a demonstration enterprise of informatization and industrialization in Jiangsu Province. In 2014, it established a joint venture workstation for Jiangsu enterprises with Nanjing Agricultural University; XUDUAN has the right to export, and has been rated as one of the top 500 enterprises in China's machinery industry.

      XUDUAN always adheres to the business philosophy of “To be  intelligent metalforming systems integrators” and continuously increases the investment in science and technology and the adjustment of product structure. The main products include JH, JZ and other series of open high-performance mechanical presses, JE25 series C frame double-point mechanical presses, JH31, JH36 series H frame single and double-point mechanical presses, JL31, JL36 series one piece H frame Single/double point mechanical presses, DPS2L, DPS4L series cold stamping thermoforming servo presses, JF75G series H frame high speed precision presses, VH, SH series C frame high speed mechanical presses, Y27, Y32, Y27K, Y41, Y71 series Complete set of production lines for hydraulic presses and manipulator press lines, motor stator and rotor press lines, automotive filters, brake pads, seats, motor housings, TV backplanes, refrigerator panel production lines, automotive high-strength steel servo thermoforming lines, automotive steel Thirty series of more than 200 varieties of complete sets of manufacturing equipment. Products are widely used in automotive, home appliances, electronics, electrical, electrical, IT, hardware, agricultural machinery, military, instrumentation, aviation and other industries.


      Quality first in a century of production

      Uniform nationwide sales telephone:0516-83531252/0516-8353 1000